Located by the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal is a country with perfect conditions for film and photography production. Due to its unique geography, you can find an amazing variety of locations in an incredibly short distance range. From breathtaking beaches, to snowy mountains, from calm Mediterranean plains, to untouched forests, everything can be found in a brief drive. The modern road network allows the crews to move fast and efficiently, optimizing time and saving money.


Portugal has one of the most well balanced climates in Europe. It blends the Mediterranean soft and mild temperatures in the winter, with the Atlantic fresh breezes in the summertime. This unique combination gives Portugal ideal weather conditions for film and photo shooting all year long. In the wintertime, Portugal is the best country in Europe to find sunny days, mild temperatures and fresh green locations.


Lisbon is an illuminated city. The constant presence of sunshine and the river Tagus transforms the Portuguese capital into a mirror of one thousand colours. With an history of more than one thousand years, in Lisbon you can find a variety of architectural styles which allows us to find the ideal scenario for each project. After the 1998 exhibition a new district of Lisbon was born – the EXPO area. The modern buildings and avant-garde, clean and stylish architecture as made Lisbon one of the top choices to shoot commercials. With the Lisbon Film Commission, created by Lisbon city hall, it’s possible to get permits to shoot in only 3 working days! Just 20 minutes away from Lisbon we can find the amazing beaches of Cascais as well as beautiful Sintra, with it’s forests castle and fairy-tale palaces.

Sun Hours / Light

The light in Lisbon is famous all around the world for it’s exceptionality. Both Film Directors and Directors of Photography find in Portugal ideal conditions for filming their projects. This is mainly due to the geographic location, the influence of the Atlantic Ocean, and the sunlight hours. Lisbon is the capital in Europe with more sunlight hours per year, an incredible 3300 hours and an average of 265 days of sunny days per year.

Crews and Equipment

Portugal has been a destiny for film and still photography production for decades. One of the reasons was always the crews and equipment. Here you can find top professionals on every department, and, unlike other countries, all of them fluent in English and French. In Lisbon you will find state of the art equipment in all departments. For car commercials you can find a great variety of equipment from which we highlight the “Russian Arm”.